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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Le Mans this Week
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at June 8th, 2009 (11:12 pm)

Ls Moody: excited

Le Mans starts this week, we now have only 4 days to wait and I really can't wait.

I missed writing anything about Spa, and I'm sorry about that, not been very online active in the last month, I know I say it a lot but when its quiet I'm always on when theres stuff to do I'm busy and then when I have the time my internet is either dead or I've forgotten. I'm giving up on one or two of my other comms. Keeping this one the Lucas di Grassi one and the Brazilian drivers ones and thats about it when it comes to it.

Anyway other then that all news I will post daily after I get home from A4E any pics etc. And then we have the 24hrs itself.